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Baptisms are regularly held at Uplyme Church as part of the 10am Sunday worship. We are happy to receive enquiries from those seeking to be baptised at any age from adult down to young children and babies.


When a baby is baptised, the parents make a solemn commitment to raise their child with a living faith in God.  The baby is welcomed into the church community with water as a symbol of new life in Jesus Christ. Godparents are Christians who agree to help guide the child in knowing Jesus.



Thanksgiving services are also available at Uplyme Church. This is an opportunity for those who want to thank God for the birth of their child, but don’t feel able to make the baptism promises. The Rector will ask for God to bless the child during a thanksgiving service.  Prayers will be said for the parents to bring  the child up with Christian values and that the child may one day choose to follow Jesus, but no specific promises are made.

Before a baptism or thanksgiving, the Rector will arrange to visit you and your children in your home to find out about you, and to explain what will happen at the service. She will also explain the promises you are going to be making and give you the chance to ask any questions you might have.