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Uplyme Church holds a number of weddings and blessings every year. We offer a warm, welcoming venue for couples to make a life-long commitment in the presence of God.


Residents of Uplyme parish, members of the Church Electoral Roll, or couples with a qualifying connection to Uplyme Church/parish, such as a parent living in Uplyme parish, are eligible to be married at Uplyme Church.  We can marry divorcees at the vicar’s discretion.




For more information or to book your  wedding/blessing please contact the church  office on 01297 444499 or via or use our  contact form. Our church

administrator will  send you a wedding enquiry form and a  qualifying connection form. These will need to  be returned along with a cheque of £100 made  payable to Uplyme PCC, within 4 weeks of your  enquiry in order to secure your date. Postal  returns are to be sent to Uplyme Church, Pound Lane, Uplyme, Devon, DT7 3XN. The deposit is later deducted from the total cost of your wedding. The total cost of your wedding at Uplyme Church can vary from approximately £500-700.

There are a number of resources available in planning your wedding. We recommend  to be a comprehensive guide.


Between booking your wedding and the big day itself we will be holding our free wedding preparation course – a relaxed few evenings involving a DVD, music, some booklet exercises, music, tea and coffee. The marriage preparation course asks you to look at the importance of commitment, how to recognise and appreciate your differences, the art of communication, resolving conflict, spending time together, developing a good relationship, nurturing your friendship,  and the importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams.